Fresh fish

We import fresh fish etc. by air every day from markets of Tsukiji (Tokyo), Fukuoka, Sapporo & Osaka. Our distribution system is established to assure the delivery of items which is ordered at night to be made by the evening of the following day. Therefore we can deliver foods to customers as same as in Japan.


We import beef directly from Kagoshima, Miyazaki, Kumamoto & Gifu, and 7 kinds of pork including brand pork, “Platinum pork” & “Golden pork”. Furthermore we import poultry called “Choshu chicken” from Yamaguchi and “Amakusa daiou” from Kumamoto. In addition, we import beef & pork to Hong Kong directly from production areas in U.S.A.

Vegetable & Fruits

Daily delivery by air from markets of Tsukiji and Fukuoka; weekly delivery by chilled container vessel from Fukuoka.

Frozen foods

We regularly import frozen items from Japan & China.

Dried goods

Weekly delivery by vessel to Hong Kong from Fukuoka port where merchandise from all over Japan are concentrated.
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