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We regularly update seasonal fresh food.
Enjoy farm fresh fish, seasonal vegetable and fruit etc!


Bonito(Production Area: Kagoshima, Miyazaki, Ehime, Kouchi, Wakayama)

Available Season : MAR to APR

Bonito in this season is called “Hatsu Gatsuo” or “Nobori Gatsuo”. It moves up to the north with Black Stream around Japan Sea. Its body is shiny and taste is light. Grilled bonito with minced myoga, garlic and leek is the best!

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Dekopon (Production Area: Kumamoto, Kagoshima, Ehime etc)

Available Season : FEB to APR

Dekopon’s characteristic is its convex shape! The sweetness is high over 13 degree and its acid degree is less than 1. We can enjoy its refreshing flavor and also it is easy for us to eat because they have no seeds inside!

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