Seasonal Hot Item

We regularly update seasonal fresh food.
Enjoy farm fresh fish, seasonal vegetable and fruit etc!


Mackerel (Production Area: Mie, Nagasaki etc)

Available Season : OCT to JAN

Mackerel is called “King among blue fish”, which contains abundant DHA & EPA etc. It is suitable for sushi, simmered dish, being grilled with salt or miso as an all- around player. DHA is effective for brain & nerve tissue growth and functional maintenance, and furthermore prevents memory loss. EPA decreases cholesterol levels.

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Shrimp” taro root(Production Area: Shizuoka, Kyoto etc)

Available Season : OCT to DEC

“Shrimp” taro root is called “Ebi imo” in Japanese because its surface looks like a shrimp. (Ebi in Japanese is a shrimp) It is suitable for simmered dish, croquette or soup etc and also used as luck for New Year dish.

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