Seasonal Hot Item

We regularly update seasonal fresh food.
Enjoy farm fresh fish, seasonal vegetable and fruit etc!


Sakura Shrimp (Production Area: Shizuoka etc)

Available Season : NOV to DEC & MAR to JUNE

Sakura Shrimp is transparent with small red dots on its surface. Its color changes to pink like sakura (cherry blossom) after being boiled. The season is in autumn & spring. We can enjoy variety of dish such as deep-fried, pasta or fried rice etc.

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Spinach(Production Area: Saitama etc)

Available Season : NOV to FEB

Spinach can be seen in a market in all seasons, however its best season is in winter. It contains abundant iron, mineral, carotene, vitamin C & folic acid etc and is effective as hemopoietic function. It seems so true spinach makes us invigorate.

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