Seasonal Hot Item

We regularly update seasonal fresh food.
Enjoy farm fresh fish, seasonal vegetable and fruit etc!


Frog-flounder (Production Area: Nationwide)

Available Season : early summer to autumn

“Frog-flounder” has prickers between the eyes and it is painful to the touch. It is called “Meita Garei” in Japanese, which means “painful eyes flounder” because of prickers. It is served as meuniere, deep-fried etc.

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Japanese pepper(Production Area: Kyoto etc)

Available Season : Spring to early summer

“Japanese pepper” is a premium food that is limited for a short period. It has male and female strain and only female one has berries. It is served as flavour for soup, Shabushabu or with backwheat noodle. We can enjoy its fresh spicy flavor and texture. Its leaf is “Kinome” that is also used for dishes as flavour.

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