Seasonal Hot Item

We regularly update seasonal fresh food.
Enjoy farm fresh fish, seasonal vegetable and fruit etc!


Japanese Shad (Production Area:Hokkaido,Hiroshima,Kagawa etc)

Available Season : Sep to Nov

Japanese Shad has many nick names such as Sappa, Mamakari, Wachi, Harakata, and Hadara etc. It contains abundant vitamin A, D, B12 and unsaturated fatty acid that are effective for our health. The popular recipe is marinated or deep-fried dish.

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Ruby Roman Grape(Production Area: Ishikawa)

Available Season : Aug to Sep

Ruby Roman Grape is an original grape from Ishikawa prefecture and its size is more than 20g in vivid red. The sweetness with less sourness is relatively higher than any other kinds of grapes. Surprisingly its maximum price of a bunch of grapes has been 550,000JPY, which means the price of one grape solitaire is nearly 20,000JPY! Let’s give it a try!

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