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Let's change the world into smile with the Japanese cuisine


With our aim of “Let’s change the world into smile with the Japanese cuisine”, we aim at becoming a company as bottom-up supporter of overseas business of Japanese cuisine in general.
We have established GOGO FOODS with our ambitious motivation of delivering safe and secure goods vigorously selected from the market to the Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong faster than anyone else.

At present, daily air mail of fresh fish and fresh foods are carried from Tsukiji market of Tokyo, Fukuoka city, and Hokkaido.
In addition, weekly cargo vessel is carrying dry foods and frozen foods so that we can respond to our customers’ needs with fastest ever response.

We have around 500 customers ranges from high-end restaurants to chain stores with the emphasis on Japanese restaurants.
Our motto is sensitive and speedy service, with our thought of being good supplier for more people.
Our sourcing of goods of about 5000 kinds extends from large foods manufacturers to individually run farms and fishermen.
We understand what our customers want daily and have our organisation for direct communication of their want to our producers in Japan.

Message from Shigeyuki Miyamatsu, Hiroyuki Ishii

Our management

Shigeyuki Miyamatsu

rs_Miyamatsu san_01

Managing Director
Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
He has lived in Hong Kong for 19 years since he came to Hong Kong when he was 26. He has 19 years of business experience in Japanese food and is a specialist of selling Japanese food in Asia with strong connection with first-class hotels & restaurants which are main centers of Hong Kong food industry. His strong points are to gather information & construct trust relationship with local people with his strong network even though he is Japanese. He is always active in order to search for local customers’ needs for developing the group. He also uses his past experience & accumulation of end trend in Hong Kong to shape business development not only in Hong Kong & Asia but U.S.A. etc.

Hiroyuki Ishii

rs_ishii san_04

Managing Director
Birthplace: Saga Prefecture, Japan.
He has lived in Hong Kong for 18 years since he came to Hong Kong when he was 26.He has previously worked for Yaohan, where he experienced retail & trading food. He has constructed trading structure with any kinds of food with his abundant experience. He also let Japanese direct-from-the-farm food advance overseas with his distribution set up & value-added planning. His strong points are to logically construct business structure & business matching etc with assuming any possibility. He has challenged to develop a system for Japanese food export while he plots business scheme & strategies for the group.

Company profile


Company name GOGO FOODS CO., LTD.
Address Unit 1214, 12/F, Chai Wan Industrial City, No. 60, Wing Tai Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
Establishment date 1 Feb 2008
Capital 500,000HKD
Executives Shigeyuki Miyamatsu, Hiroyuki Ishii
Employees 126
Annual sales JPY 6 billion(FY2015)


11/2007 Established OTENTO(HK)LTD, specialised in the import of Japanese foods.
12/2007 Import of apples from Japan started, the import chilled foods by ship started.
2/2008 Established GOGOFOODS CO.LTD., sales company of foods for businesses in Hong Kong.
5/2008 Started the import fresh fish by air mail and fresh vegetable and fruits from Tsukiji market of Tokyo departing from Narita International Airport.
7/2008 Started the import of fresh fish by air mail from Fukuoka city.
2/2009 Started the import of fresh fish by air mail from Osaka city.
3/2009 Started the import of frozen foods by ship from Tokyo.
6/2009 Became sales representative in Hong Kong for Hasegawa Liquor Shop, Kameido, Tokyo.
11/2009 Consolidated sales exceeded HKD 5 million.
12/2009 Started the import of fresh fish by air mail from Hokkaido.
3/2010 Started the import of fresh fish by air mail from Seoul, Korea.
6/2010 Invested in “Tokyo Bento lunchbox” store which specialised in Japanese-style luncbox in Hong Kong.
12/2010 Consolidated monthly sales exceeded HKD10 million.
4/2011 Started the import of fresh fish and vegetable by air and by ship from Taiwan.
4/2012 Established a joint venture GOGO CURRY (HK) LTD. With Gogo Curry, specialised restaurant of curry rice in Japan.
5/2012 Partnership with Kubota, Japanese agricultural machinery manufacturer, became its sales representative in Hong Kong.
6/2012 Established OTENTO PRIME CO.LTD., a company specialised in internet sale.
11/2012 Established Shanghai Aotiandao Foods Co.,Ltd, a wholesaler in general foods business.

Started foods processing business at the same time.

12/2012 Consolidated monthly sales exceeded 15 million HK$.
4/2013 Started the import of pork from the U.S.A.
6/2013 Established Go Go Meat Factory, start the processing of Japanese beef and pork.
6/2013 Become Hong Kong distributor of meat company Miyachiku, strengthen the purchase and sale of Japanese beef.
8/2013 Established Go Go Foods Singapore PTE Ltd., started wholesale and import food in Singapore.
11/2013 Established Otento (Macau) Ltd., started wholesale and import food in Macau.
12/2013 Otento Shanghai merged with Shanghai Honkai Food Co., Ltd. and unify the Shanghai business.
12/2013 Started importing & sales of fresh fish & vegetable from Tsukiji
Market to Singapore
2/2014 Started importing & sales of Iwate Platinum Pork in HK
3/2014 Started importing & sales of Iwate Beef in Macau
3/2014 Started importing & sales of Kagoshima Beef in Singapore
4/2014 Became an sales agency of Kubota Rice Insudustry (Sgp) Pte Ltd on its opening in Singapore
5/2014 Started importing & sales of Miyazaki Beef in Singapore
6/2014 Changed the company name from Otento (H.K.) LTD. to GOGO TRADING CO., LTD for business integration
7/2014 Formed a business alliance for trading with ANA FOODS CO., LTD
11/2014 Formed a business alliance for exporting direct-from-the-farm food & its sales development with ANA Strategic Research Institute Co., Ltd.
12/2014 Started importing & sales of Hida beef in Hong Kong
12/2014 Started importing & sales of fresh fish from Amakusa, Kumamoto in Guangzhou, China
12/2014 Exceeded HKD210million in total of the group per month
12/2015 Broke Group sales HKD 26 Million as a monthly basis

Introduction of our sales staff

Satoshi Murakami


Birthplace: Hong Kong
He is half Japanese & half Hong Konger. Expert in Cantonese as he was born and grew up in Hong Kong.
He has won the trust of many local chefs as valuable sales staff since he can precisely explain & suggest Japanese food in Cantonese.

Yu Miyashita


Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan.
He graduated from university in Malaysia. He is a specialist in trading fresh food and can speak English, Cantonese & Malay. Ranked second in National Karate championship in Japan when he was a student.

Tsuyoshi Kawai


Birthplace: Fukui, Japan
He is a professional sales staff of fresh fish, who has worked in a fish market in Osaka, Japan. His quick response & item suggestion are the greatest.

Chung Ping Han Peter


Birthplace: Hong Kong
He is a specialist in food industry in Hong Kong with long year experience in key position in hotels & famous restaurants. He is good at suggesting items from customers’ perspective of restaurants & big projects with Hotels’ purchasing departments.

Tse Wai Hei

rs_Wai Hei

Birthplace: Hong Kong
He was Hong Kong hand ball representative when he was a student. His main customers are French and Italian restaurants & he is good at suggesting Japanese food to these western restaurants.

Gordon Wong


Birthplace:Hong Kong
He can speak Japanese, English, Mandarin and Cantonese since he stayed in Japan and other countries for long years. He is good at communicating with customers in different languages. His hobby is playing the guitar & he is self-proclaimed “professional guitarist”.

Lungwing Cho


Birthplace:Hong Kong
He has previously worked as a chef in a famous hotel in Hong Kong. He speaks fluent Japanese since he studied in Japan and is committed to sales work every day.

Richard Lau


Birthplace:Hong Kong
He loves Japan after his working holiday there and is eager to work with his serious character. He is good at Japanese, Cantonese & Mandarin and his hobby is kayaking.

Genta Okuda


Birthplace:Fukuoka, Japan
He was previously a buckwheat noodles master, fisherman and Fukuoka market broker, etc. He has been engaged in many food-related industries. He is a Judo black belt master, and a gourmet who is also interested in diet. Good at Cantonese.

Kenji Ikeda


Birthplace:Fukuoka, Japan
After studying abroad in New Zealand and China, going through food wholesale business in Japan. He is a specialist in dry products and frozen products. His hobbies is playing soccer and futsal.

Martin Chan


Birthplace:Hong Kong
While having been living in Hong Kong and studying abroad in Toronto, Canada for years, together with the personal interest of Japanese culture, I believe my multicultural background will be helpful for people around the globe to get familiar with the large varieties of Japanese products exported by Go Go Foods.
Our Group
  • OTENTO (H.K.) LTD.
  • 上海奥天島 食品有限公司
  • OTENTO (Macau) LTD
  • GOGO FOODS Singapore PTE LTD
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